Acupuncture Classes and Lectures

Public Classes

  • Healthy Dietary in Perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Infertility and Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • TCM and Postpartum Depression
  • TCM and MS

  • We offer informational classes about the treatment of many common conditions using Traditional Chinese Medicine. These classes will offer you a basic understanding of the condition according to Chinese Medicine, and also information about what you can do at home. If you have any questions about the classes, or would like to register, call us at 651-330-8583.

    Professional Classes

  • Seminar
  • Clinical Training
  • Needling

  • Fei Xiao, a well known and regarded doctor of TCM, will be offering the following classes based on his over 20 years experience in the clinic. These classes are intended for the practitioner or advanced student and wil offer practical, clinical, treatment that have been proven over time. If you have any questions about these classes, or would like to inquire about registration, please call us at 651-330-8583.